Commercial Locksmith Services Near Your Area

Commercial Locksmith Services Near Your Area

Commercial locksmiths help businesses keep their employees and customers safe. They also provide a wide variety of security products. Their services include lock reinforcement, key systems, and access control.

If you are self-motivated, punctual, and don’t mind manual work, a career as a locksmith may be the perfect fit for you. But, before you start your own business, make sure you have the right insurance coverage.


Commercial locksmiths help businesses secure their property and protect their assets from threats like burglaries, vandalism, and ICT breaches. They also help individuals with lockouts and lost keys regain access to their property quickly, without damage.

There are various types of locks available for business premises. The type of lock you need depends on the nature of your business. For instance, a school or hospital requires a “panic bar,” which allows people to exit a building quickly in case of a fire. Commercial locksmiths can install this device in the proper exit points of a building.

The best locks for businesses are high-security ones that provide maximum protection. These are usually commercial grade locks and can withstand harsh weather conditions and environments. Some of the most trusted brands include Medeco, ASSA ABLOY, Corbin Russwin, Schlage, and Yale. Some of them are even protected against 3D-printed keys.


Locks are one of the most important security features of any business. A professional locksmith can install, repair, and replace them. In addition, a locksmith can also set up and program access control systems. This ensures that only people who are authorized can gain entry to a building and prevents the unauthorized duplication of keys.

A commercial locksmith can use a variety of tools, including a beginner’s lock pick set and key decoders. These devices allow locksmiths to determine the pin depth of different keys such as Kwikset, Schlage, Weiser, and Yale locks.

A skilled commercial locksmith can also recommend and install a variety of hardware, including door closers, fire-rated doors, and ADA compliance products. These products help keep employees safe and secure in the event of a fire or an intruder. They can also prevent employee theft by limiting who has access to the company’s keys. For example, a locksmith can set up change keys for different departments or tenants so that they can only open their specific doors in the building.

Access control systems

Many businesses use access control systems to manage staff and visitor access within buildings and across sites. This helps to create a safe work environment and can save time and money in the long run. For example a building manager might be able to restrict access to areas such as car parks or lifts to specific times of the day based on staff schedules.

These systems typically consist of a credential reader mounted externally to the door which is activated when the proper credentials (PIN code, card or Fob) are presented. This then triggers the release of a locking device to allow entry to the premises.

Some of these systems come with advanced features such as audit trail support (a report of who has entered and when) or staff attendance monitoring which can be very useful in reducing absenteeism. These can be complex and require a locksmith for installation on aluminum store front doors and to wire the component systems together.


Safes are an excellent way to keep your cash, documents and other valuables secure. They protect your business from theft and can even prevent burglars from getting their hands on confidential information like social security numbers or contracts.

A commercial locksmith can help you select the right safe for your business. They will take into account the size of the items you plan to store, as well as their value. You may also need a fire-rated safe if you plan to store sensitive materials that could be damaged by heat or fire.

There are a variety of safes to choose from, including UL rated safes. These safes are rated according to how difficult they are to break into. For example, a TL-30 safe is designed to resist professional safecrackers who use specialized tools and equipment. Whether you need to move your safe or change the combination, an MLA locksmith who specialises in working with safes can help you.

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